Goodies, More Planner Goodies!!


Hey, Planner Loves!!!

First, I have to apologize in a big way and that is because I have been away for a bit. I have suffering from horrible migraines for the last week or so and it has really put a damper on everyday life!! So, without further ado!!!

I have to also explain that there has been a slight delay on my planner goodies but I do believe the postal service, our wonderful one we have here in our small town… And I do say that with as much humor as I can muster because I hate when my planner goodies get messed with!! I am sure all you planner addicts with surely understand what I am talking about or at least I am hoping you would… Now, getting back to why there was such a delay and that was because my poor mail man’s truck literally and I do mean literally caught on fire. Good thing was and with the grace of god up above, the mail man from what I understand and what the letter said, our mail man was not hurt. I am sure he was shaken up quite a bit but not burned or anything like that. Unfortantely can’t say the same about our poor mail!!

So, getting back to my excitedment for you all!!!!!

I am here to bring you another one of my own, YES, MY OWN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR reviews.. I just wanted to make that clear to everyone as well as I didn’t get anything free as in extra products AND in this case….

Recently, I was on Etsy searching for Planner Goodies and such and came across a shop called and owned by a sweet gal named Melissa Holland. BTW, She is very talented as well.

If you looking for various stickers such as fitness and scale stickers, or water bottles, maybe those of you who read books? Well, planner lovelies.. Check out her shop…Her stickers come in super size or normal size orders as well as other things but the package I ordered was the super size and I was not disappointed. The were so vibirant and just down right perfect and they will fit perfect in my planner and since I am about to start Plexus…the water bottles are going to come in handy, real handy!!

Check out these awesome stickers Melissa sent me!!!

IMG_2411 IMG_2409 IMG_2408 IMG_2407 IMG_2406 IMG_2405 IMG_2404 IMG_2403 IMG_2402 IMG_2400

Another awesome thing….

Are you ready???? She is offering my readers and who ever visits… 15% off your order!! Is that awesome or what???

I want to say once again, I did purchase the super sized package. Also, I wrote this blog post and review on my own and was not given and extra product for this review. This was all my idea to write this because I wanted to show everyone all the cute stickers that Melissa at offers.

I hope everyone enjoys this and visits her etsy shop!!!

Thanks once again all you Planner addicts and I hope you have fun finding all your planner goodies and such!!!

Purple XOXOX

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About browneyedgirlkellylynn

I am a single mom of 2 gorgeous girls as well as a young grandbaby girl. Despite peoples' opinions, this is our world and our choices and she is our blessing!!! I am also on SSDI and I suffer from a handle full of disorders (in which the good lord above blessed me with!!) which includes Lumbar Spondylolisthesis, Lumbar Spondylolsis, fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome, Failed back syndrome, Spinal Stenosis, Myofascial pain syndrome, neuropathy, severe migraines, Adhd, Bipolar, Massive Depressive Dissorder, Severe Anxiety. Even tho I suffer these problems I take one day at a time and even my days sometimes are tough, I look at my life as a blessing because I have 3 amazing girls, I have friends that love and care about me and I do have some family tho they are far away from me I know they do care!! I am able to care for my girls and make sure they have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies..What could I ask for!!! When life gives you lemons, I spose what else BUT...Lemonade!!!

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    • Haha!!! To be honest.. I am going to have to check out what a mini planner is… I honestly have no idea what those are… Maybe that will be next to try out!! haha.. Thank you for stopping by!! stay tunned for a gal who is just starting out making her own stickers and let me tell you she is not charging much at all… but you are surely and let me tell you.. YOU COMPLETELY get your monies worth!! please come back and check out my post and her shop.. and tell all your friends!! I am just giving her a shout out!! I didn’t get anything extra..AND you’ll see why!!! haha

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  1. Oh no, poor mail man. Good thing no one was hurt. Those stickers are so cute. I have a slight obsession with cute stuff, so I’ll be checking out Planner Designs in more detail later today.

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    • I know.. I would have been so freaked out if I was that poor mail man.. But, I guess that’s what you call the hazards of the job?? haha… I would have thought more on the lines of getting attacked by a dog or something, but my mail truck starting on fire, Never!! haha. Oh well, still it bothers me to think what mail we lost. Not necessarily the bills we lost but if there was any mail for the girls and you know more importantly….My HAPPY MAIL and/or Planner Goodies… Alas, I haven’t gotten any emails or anything like that asking if I received anything at all. Nope nothing like that. Thanks for stopping by.. Please do come back again… I should have more content posted. I have just been plagued with these horrible migraines lately, everyday so I am so sorry theres not much here to read and I am still adding things and tweaking the over all look of the blog. I don’t know much about design so its all just basics for right now. Thanks again!!


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