Well Well Well,

What can I say you are probably asking and maybe even eagerly wondering all about who is behind this brand new blog? Come on, humor me ok, Say Yes, Kelly I sure was…       ha-ha… Okay, So here goes~~~>

1) I am 37-year-old, going to be the big 38 obviously in November and it scares the heck out of me not because I am going to 40 years old like some people say over and over, But it truly scares me because maybe just maybe I would like to have another baby and REALLY… It just wouldn’t be fair to the baby for me to conceive one and then of course when the baby gets older, would I be able to interact with him/her especially with my health issues.. I will explain those in a bit!

2) With that being said, I mentioned very briefly about my health problems. Well, where do I start… Well, I congenital spine problem, which means I was born with serious issues with my spine and the vertebrae slipping, which is called spondylolisthesis,  which in turn has caused me to endure my first spine surgery, in which the surgeon not only had to put 4 spacer in my spine to bring it up to the correct height, due to the fact that it was so compressed but then he had to put hardware in which are screws and then fuse my spine. The only problem was he put in too long of screws that went almost completely thru my spine, which caused me to endure yet another surgery!! Fun hey!! Not so much. I also suffer from severe fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, spondylosis, Spondylolysis, now all of those spondy’s are in my lumbar region but I also suffer from cervical spondylosis as well. I also suffer from low vitamin D3, B12, and now I found out my Thyroid is low. I also suffer from Plantar fasciitis which we believe is a direct result from Anklyosing Spondylitis. I also suffer from ADHD and learning disability.

3) Now, that you know about my health issues, Please don’t let that scare you away. I have been dealing with my back issues since 1999 and my first surgery since 2010. I decided to start this blog to try to have some fun while spot lighting people who are having fun while showing off their accomplishments as well as well the different shops I buy from.

4) Lastly, I am also going to be taking pictures of different things from shops, kind of my own unboxing if you will but with out the video and maybe in time I will feel comfortable to do a video!!


5) Lastly, and most importantly…..if you wish to have your weekly layout or part of your planner featured on here or if you wish to work with me, feel free to contact me at Allthingsdecorated@gmail dot com. Please make sure you put something explaining what it is in the subject line.


******I am so excited to start showing you all the different companies I have been getting my subscription boxes from several different companies. Please do know that I was not paid for any of my posts and they are strictly and completely my own opinions and views as well as I have paid for these boxes with my own money each month. If and when I do write a blog post and it is something other what I have paid for, I will make it clear and you will all know ahead of time.*******

Thank you so much for you time, my dear friends!!!

Purple XOXOX



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