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Can you guess???


Well, for starters I am so glad you are joining me here at my corner of the world, you know my little nook.

I’ve got to tell y’all I really wanted to continue with my other blog that I have had for quite a while and was established with that one but I actually had to create a new one and wasn’t by my choice or something I wanted to do but it was because someone hacked it somehow and decided it would so cute and give me a virus. So, here I am again!!! However, if I sit back and look at it in a sort of full circle way, it is actually better in a sense that I had to create this new blog with a new name and all because I am blogging about a specific topic, which you will shortly find out what this is all about but all in all, the name goes with the content. Shewww, that was sure a mouthful.

***** I will tell you something so you kind of understand me, while you read my blog posts, I blog how I want to blog. What I mean by that is I will type something along the lines of haha, if I am trying to be funny or something along those lines. I have always just blogged as if I was talking to my best friends. HOWEVER, I may a review of a product that more than likely I have paid for out of my own pocket which means it is all my own opinions and I was never ever paid to write the review by the person or by the company if it is a larger company or corporation as well as a give away. I will always tell you my honest thoughts, feelings, and opinions about something I am using and it in no way is meant for you not to use it, but it does help when selecting a product for yourself, I am sure. I know that when I am looking at a product that I’ve never used before, I also go to my good ol’ friend Mr. Google, haha, and type in the product and look for what real people think about it and then and only then do I decide to buy it and use it.*****

Well, I’m fresh and I’ve got a new direction for my thoughts and plans and I think or at least for most people I am hoping y’all will like my blog. Please bare with me cause I am trying to get it finished but I didn’t want to be down to long. There are several other reasons as to why I created this blog with such a specific name. For starters, your probably wondering about the name and why so specific?? Well, I love calendars, paper planners and that good stuff. Well, for the last several years I have been partial to one very well-known company who makes in my opinion the greatest planner ever!! haha… Its Erin Condren and I just absolutely love her planner. For as long as I can remember I have bought and printed out planners and have used the for maybe a month or so and then pushed them off to the side. Well, it took me awhile to get my very first Erin Condren Life Planner and ladies and Gents… I am a taken woman!! Its been quite awhile and there is no stopping in the near future. In fact I just placed an order for their 2015-2016, 18 month planner and other goodies.

Another couple of reasons I created this particular blog was because I want to showcase my weekly layouts and maybe in the future so close friends and their layouts. I wanted a place where I can be a geek and show off my obsession with office supplies, planner goodies, and maybe some happy mail here and there. Lastly, I wanted to be able to showcase the hardworking gals on Etsy that I have bought from recently and who I will buy from in the future as well other companies. I am also addicted big time to planner subscription boxes and I want to showcase those and share with all of ya’ll those as well.

Well, y’all please sit back and enjoy the ride.. because while colorful and sparkly, I will sometimes post about how I am feeling since this is still my outlet and I need that little bit of one and besides that if I didn’t let go once in a while… Would it feel very personal? I may show off my 2 girls and my ever so precious grand baby!!!

Neon green XOXOX

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