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My Planner Pretties!!!


I am so glad I have subscription with this planner supplies company, I guess you would call it!! I get so excited when it gets closed to the time of the month…haha…Guess I could have worded it better…but I thing you know what I mean!!! When that time rolls around for the planner pretties from the company named Happie scrappie!! I know I wrote I talked about her last blog post but Sam the designer is just out of this world…

I must add that I wasn’t paid for this blog post nor did I receive my planner pretties for free…Yes, folks I did purchase these Items for a specific amount each month and if you go to her website, and if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the first page you will find the section where it says subscription. She has 2 different prices for 2 different size packages, 1 for personal size and that is the smaller size for Filofaxes and the A5 size which is the larger sizes and that is the one that I purchased.

The first month, I didn’t realize the sizes and I ordered the Personal size so paid $3.00 more and for the second month I got the A5 size. I am so excited for this month, Then again I am always excited to get my planner pretties. Well, all the excited are you all ready to see what I received for this month….I am so excited to show everyone that I can….

Well, with all this excitement are you ready to see what I have recived this month….Are you all ready!!!

Here you all go!!!

IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2257 IMG_2258

Wouldn’t you be excited about all of these items if you were me!! I certainly would be!!!

Just think for a small amount of money each month you too could have the same item if do if you just join her subscription plan!!

I want to reiterate that I did not receive anything free from Happie scrappie the company for these items, I had to purchase her subscription plan each and every month…I am so glad I happen to come across her website, just by watching a YouTube video, sadly folks I can’t remember the women who did the video to tell all you folks and yes that is why I am posting these blog post along with these pictures…So you too can enjoy the same products that I do each and every month!!!


Kelly Lynn