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~~~Happy Mail!!~~~


Have you ever heard of Happy Mail???

Wow, I get so excited each and every day to walk to my mail box and find something from someone in some far off place. Well, okay not necessarily some far off place but some place not very close to home.

Or, ever things that I have purchase!! I get so excited to sit down and find my favorite things mostly on and then wait patiently and patiently for it come normally in my mailbox yet sometimes it comes by Fed-Ex or even UPS.


So, if you wondering what these two pictures are of??? Well, it’s a monthly package that I purchased!!!

Did you see that…. Yes I said that right a monthly package

That I purchase…Myself out of my own money. The owner, Sam, who is also the designer and she has an incredible talent that I am so glad I found from watching someone’s YouTube channel. I am sorry I can’t remember who it was but I am so happy I did.

So, getting back to the incredible and talented Sam. You can find her at and she also has some the cheapest prices for the greatest amount of stickers and other things planner related. I just started with her monthly subscription package and the one up above is the Personal size but she also offers the A5 size as well and that size offers a bit more of everything in the package. Which I did change my subscription over the A5, The reason I chose the Personal size to begin with was simply….I thought it was bigger than the A5!!!

Yep….Ya live and learn!!! haha….

Like I said before Sam, designs her own stuff and she also picks a new theme each and every month…

****Just so you do know and to make this perfectly clear…I wasn’t paid to give you this awesome information nor was I given extra product…I just am in love with her things and I thought I would let people in on such awesome planner products. I have used parts of her planner stuff in my own planner and in the posts to come I will show you how I use it. But, I just wanted to make this clear… NOTHING…. I repeat nothing was given extra for this information above!!!****

Well, my dear friends…I think that is all for me for tonight…I just wanted to jump on cause I was so excited and I am so behind on what posts I have wanted to post for ya’ll…..So please bear with me, between my health is starting to get much better but like they say…”It’s a Work in Progress” haha….


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