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A Quick Update and a Few Rants!!


Hey Lovelies!!!

I just wanted to jump in and give a big shout out to everyone and say Hey!! I’m still here and alive, although lately I really don’t feel like it or myself and it is really super bumming me out! See, one of my health issues is that I get migraines and it sucks super bad and it puts a damper on life in general let me tell ya!!

Well, when I moved last September we were all like Yay, maybe just maybe the migraines wont be as prominent and life will be better. So actually for awhile life was grand! I wasn’t sleeping so much and I was a productive part of this family. Which is a good thing and a part most family wants, I would most certainly think? Don’t you?? Well, slowly they started to come back, but nothing I would write home about, ya’ll know.

Then it all hit me… It has to be about 3 weeks now, EVERY SINGLE night so far I have had a migraine. I am talking about the migraine type to the point where you can’t even walk straight type hurt. I know I know, Why haven’t I called the doctor about this and got in to see someone about it. Do you want to know the answer to it. This is going to sound bad but it does me no good to tell the doctor about my migraines and I am completely serious about that BECAUSE….. Every time they have referred me up to see a neurologist due to migraines, they literally refuse to help you. I am totally serious on this and I know this for the simple fact that I have been referred 3 times. They will not help people with Migraines who are also on Narcotic pain medications and I will not get off my narcotic pain medications because I have congenital spine defect from birth, not to mention I have had 2 failed spine surgeries and I have failed back syndrome and severe nerve damage amongst other spine problems. There things is the narcotic pain medications cause the migraines but they do not cause mine because I was getting migraines way before I was ever put on pain meds.

I know this post doesn’t pertain to my topic of my blog but I thought I needed to blog about this topic because it has to do with my health as well as there might be others who may stumble upon my blog that may learn a thing or two!!

The very last neurologist I had seen, I walked in and sat down. I was in a very good mood when I got there. He didn’t seem so good. This was the biggest rant with a Doctor I ever had before… So the first thing out of his mouth was so Kelly, I see your medication list and it shows your on a lot of pain medications, hey?? I was like, Ok so its gonna go like this hey?? He was like what do you mean? I’m like I am going to make this very short by asking you a very simple question cause I am sure I already know your answer but I am going to ask anyways since I made the 45 minute trip as a waste it seem so far. His face was like huh?? He was like shoot… I’m like since you started the conversation out with a sentence like that about my pain meds, I am going to make this very easy, “Do you treat patients that have a history of migraines as well as are currently getting horrible migraines” even while they are taking pain medications for documented spine and nerve issues, being your a neurologist I would think you would take that into considersation in your decision. He point blank looked at me and said Nope, I don’t not nor will I treat any patient that is on any type of pain medication, Much less Oxycontin or anything else strong like that for Migraines regardless of their other health issues, documented or not. Plain and simple.

I looked him square in the eye and said See Ya!! Nice, wasting my day. He was like, wait what.. No, no wait don’t go. I was like wait why, Answer me this, why am I going to stay for this appointment when your clearly stated your opinion and what you will and will not do, and mind you, you are also no doing the job your went to school for and turning away patients for the simple fact you are turning patients away. Then he tried to do something with some rehab for my back in Chicago but I don’t know nothing every came out of that, at least I never heard of anything and when I called about it or referred to something remotely close to it, no one had a clue.

I just hate how these doctor think they know everything because oh, what they have the title of Doctor?? Ok, so you went to school, read some books, took some tests and quizzes and got your degree and license. Well, in my book that doesn’t automatically make you qualified. So, let me make sure I got this straight, alright? I call and make an appointment blah, blah, blah all the way to the point of you getting paid…guess what fool… that doesn’t make you god and that surely doesn’t make it where you know everything. I’ll sum it up in just a few words why I am saying all of this and that is because at this particular doctors appointment, he didn’t he bother to ask me any questions about the history of my migraines or what they were like. He was so hell bent on the fact of migraines and pain meds he didn’t even bother to find out that I was even smacked in the head by the trunk of an SUV, actually it was a salesperson at the car dealership that smacked me in the head but that is besides the point…but that was way before I got on the way strong pain meds, Oxycontin.

Point of the matter is, I am suffering from severe migraines and I was able to control them with extra migraine medication but I am not getting that now, I have a referral in to see yet another neurologist, but I am waiting to hear back. I tried to tell the pain doctor that it was a waste of time for the appointment but yet again, apparently she must think its gonna work. Don’t get me wrong, I am up for anything that will help and if this is the time that this one will finally help and do something for me, bless his/her heart!!  But I kind of sit on the edge of my chair in disbelief, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, the point to all of that was to tell you this, I am not ignoring anyone that has come and commented and I have not returned your comment right away, I so apologize with my whole heart. I feel so bad being that this is a brand new blog and I look like I am too good to even respond to someone who comments on one of my posts. Please, believe that is not it at all. I am so trying to build my audience and I love anyone and everyone to come and visit.

Please  know that I do have about 5 more blog posts in the works, there is one for sure going up probably shortly after this one. Please stay tuned, hopefully you will love it, it is about a very talented young lady who is offering a deal to die for!!!

Well, like I said before I just wanted to thank everyone who has stopped by and please do come back, and wanted everyone to know there is a lot more in store, I am coming up with a lot more ideas for blog posts that ya’ll would enjoy reading, or at least I hope you would!!

I do promise to upload some pictures of my layouts as well!!

Purple XOXOX

kelly lynn